Students are “Not Getting Enough Sleep”

According to a recent Twitter poll of the student body, students at Chagrin Falls High School are not getting enough sleep every night.

The poll responses indicate that of the 83 responses, only 7% of students average 9 or more hours of sleep per night, and 48% of students average 6 or less hours of sleep.

However, research conducted by Nationwide Children’s states that adolescents should be getting around 9 to 9.5 hours of sleep every night.  

“I was really surprised by this result,” said Junior, Alex Morris in a recent interview.

Student sleep deficiency is a major problem in the United States, and it can lead to problems concentrating, mood swings, and academic issues.

“Students in afternoon classes tend to be a little sharper [than those in early morning classes], while those in first and second period are usually drowsy,” said Mr. Kerul, a math teacher at Chagrin.

Early school start times and after school obligations are often attributed to poor sleep habits. When coupled with homework, it can be very hard to find adequate time to complete every assignment, without cutting into sleep.

“After school obligations, such as Science Olympiad, definitely interfere with my ability to get enough sleep,” said Senior, Sophia Defloor.

Many high schools across the country have begun to push back start times, following compelling results from several published studies. However, Chagrin is yet to make a change.

“We looked into pushing back the high school’s start time about 10 years ago, but we encountered issues with elementary school students potentially coming home to an empty house. The high school and elementary school start times would flip-flop, which would cause problems with elementary school students who rely on an older sibling to watch them after school,” said Mr. Kerul.

More logistical issues exist as well, such as how to fit after school sports practices into a shorter afternoon.

Nonetheless, in the words of Mr. Kerul, “for high school academics, [pushing back school start times] is the right thing to do.”