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Kickball Memories from Gurney

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When many think back to their memories as a young tiger growing up in Chagrin Falls it all starts at Gurney. Where students count cubes and practice cursive till their arm falls off, Gurney is the base of where every student is exposed to tiger spirit. And there is no better way to express one’s school spirit through none other than a kickball tournament. Many memories were certainly taken from kickball at gurney, and here are a few students have shared their personal ones.

Nick Streicher:
After a tough regular season Nick Streicher and his Halagan classmates came into the kickball playoffs as an eight seed, setting the tone for a Cinderella story. “No one believed in our class, to be honest I didn’t have much faith in our class either”, Streicher said. Although many people doubted them this Cinderella story turned into a nonfiction tale in a matter of games. As Halagan won their first two games in the playoffs they quickly found themselves in the finals facing Mrs. Todaros class. As the game played out, both teams kept it close, leading to the most controversial call in Gurney Kickball history. As third grader Michael Donley went up to bat he hit a rocket to center court, smashing the kickball into the backboard and through the net for a ten pointer… or so he thought. As the ball began to drop from the net fellow third grader Adam Bencko dove under the rim. As the gym arose in a frenzy Mr. Q made the call, saying Donley was out, and losing the championship for Todaro’s class.

Michael Mussara:
As current senior Michael Mussara entered gurney as the new kid on the block he quickly heard about the greatest kickball player of all time; Mitch “The Terminator” Johnson. “I saw him at the plate, and thought to myself, ‘Oh my god I’m in the presence of a legend” said Moussara. As The Terminator went up to the plate Michael braced himself for the longest kick the gurney playground would ever be a part of. With the pitch rolling in Mussara embodied the jaw dropping technique from the legend himself, as the student was about to be taken to school. While the ball reached the plate Mitch “The Terminator” Johnson wound up, and with one sweep of the leg he failed miserably, missing the ball and shocking the minds of little tigers everywhere.

Ally Ducas:
As many people know, Gurney kickball was just about the greatest experience any little tiger could have. So it was no secret that current sophomore Ally Ducas wanted a piece of the kickball flavored pie. But as her and all her friends tried to play they quickly realized that the boys would not let them join in on any of the games. Feeling upset and eager to play many girls went to the principal’s office and vogued for girl kickball games on Wednesdays. This wish ended up coming true as all the girls were able to play the game they loved every Wednesday. Although Ducas admitted it wasn’t very competitive she still had a fun time playing with her and all her friends.

Nick DiFiore:
Current junior Nick DiFiore shared a truly soul crushing story of his experience as a third grade kickball all star. As he and his fellow teammates had a rough regular season, they ended up making it to the finals, where they faced Mrs. Halagan’s class. Going through the undefeated class of Mr. Jones in the semifinals they were feeling confident and ready to play.
As a matter of fact they felt so confident they even made team shirts for their class. But to their dismay they took off the jerseys midway through the game as classmates decided they were “bad luck”. As they found themselves in a hole late in the game Mrs. Todaro’s class began to lose hope even with Michael “Don Bomb” up to kick. As the ever so specific slow and a little bumpy pitch rolled in Donley gave a precise kick to the right corner of the gym. “We all thought the kick was horrible at first”, said DiFiore. But they proved to be wrong as it went in the hoop for a ten pointer. As they ball began to hit the ground Adam Bencko came out of nowhere and caught it, erasing the team’s points. “He definitely didn’t catch it and Q would have saw it if he wasn’t talking to a parent”, said Nick. It seems that after all Todaro’s class should have kept their jerseys on as the other shirts proved to be even worse luck.

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Kickball Memories from Gurney